Funding Research. Saving Lives.

Funding Research. Saving Lives.

Alabama's Breast Cancer Research Tag Funds Research and Saves Lives!

Want to support research while letting your community know that you’re passionate about the fight against breast cancer? The Breast Cancer Research Foundation of Alabama's "Breast Cancer Research" specialty license plate is perfect for you.

Available for cars, trucks, motorcycles and boats, this tag is a great way to raise funds and awareness for breast cancer research in our state - 100% of funds received go to local research! 


  1. If you already have a registered vehicle in Alabama and want to switch over to the Breast Cancer Research specialty tag when you renew, visit this website to see if your county participates in an online renewal portal. If your county does not participate in online renewal, you can make the switch at your local DMV office or County Courthouse.
  2. When you head to the DMV in person, take your current tag with you and ask for the Breast Cancer Research specialty plate when you arrive.
  3. Any way you register for your tag, the annual fee of $50 for a specialty plate remains the same. When you pay the annual $50 specialty tag fee, BCRFA receives $41.25 and puts 100% those funds to support Breast Cancer Research in Alabama. Your donation of $41.25 is tax-deductible. There is also a one-time $1.50 fee to transfer your tag to the new specialty plate.
  4. Once you have your new tag, renewals of your specialty plate may be done online or mail annually.

NEW! Breast Cancer Research Tag now available for your motorized vessels

Specialty boat registrations can be purchased through your local probate judge or licence commissioner at your DMV office. Specialty decals cost an additional $50, with $30 funding breast cancer research in Alabama, $20 funding Alabama State Parks and $10 for state fees.

For more information, contact us.