Funding Research. Saving Lives.

Funding Research. Saving Lives.

Alabama’s Breast Cancer Research Tag Funds Research and Saves Lives!

The Breast Cancer Research Foundation of Alabama redesigned its specialty license plate in 2014. Now it’s also available for ALL your rides - CARS/TRUCKS and MOTORCYCLES!


Get THE PLATE for your vehicle or motorcycle that supports breast cancer Research in Alabama! 100% of proceeds received by BCRFA Funds Research!

  1. You can always get a new specialty license plate at your local DMV office, but some counties allow you to change the type of your current tag for your vehicle online!
  2. If you already have a registered vehicle in Alabama and want to switch over to the Breast Cancer Research specialty tag when you renew, check to see if your county participates in their online renewal portal. If your county is listed in the drop down menu, you can make the switch to your new plate online! It's that easy!
  3. For those living in other counties, take a moment to check out the DMVs list of e-services in many counties across the State here to see if your county allows online renewals on a different site.
  4. If you can't get your specialty plate online, visit your local Department of Motor Vehicles office or County Courthouse. To find your local DMV, please review this list on their Department of Revenue website.
  5. When you head to the DMV in person, take your current tag with you and ask for the BREAST CANCER RESEARCH specialty plate when you arrive.
  6. Any way you register for your tag, the annual fee of $50 for a specialty plate remains the same. When you pay the annual $50 specialty tag fee, BCRFA receives $41.25 and puts those funds to support Breast Cancer Research in Alabama. Your donation of $41.25 is tax-deductible. There is also a one-time $1.50 fee to transfer your tag to the new specialty plate.
  7. Once you have your new tag, renewals of your specialty plate may be done online or mail annually.


Contact your local DMV for details, but for many counties you simply send an e-mail with the following information at least one month prior to your next tag renewal:

  1. Full Name
  2. Mailing Address
  3. Current License Plate Number
  4. Renewal Month
  5. Request the BREAST CANCER RESEARCH tag

The specialty tag fee will be added to your next tag renewal notice. NO LINES / NO WAITING! Your “FUNDING RESEARCH...SAVING LIVES” specialty plate will be mailed to you after your annual taxes have been paid.

Additional Tag Renewal Contact Information is below:

Tuscaloosa County:

Madison County:

Cullman County: 256-775-4901

A personalized Breast Cancer Research Specialty Plate for Vehicles and Motorcyles can be ordered at your local DMV. Once you have yours, you can easily renew it online or via mail.

For more information, contact the BCRFA at (205) 996-5463.