Funding Research. Saving Lives.

Funding Research. Saving Lives.

Advancing Breakthroughs in Research

The BCRFA Impact

The BCRFA  supports a comprehensive approach to battling breast cancer through collaborative and innovative research to help diagnose, treat, prevent and eradicate the disease. In 2018 the BCRFA raised a record-breaking $1 million! The BCRFA has raised and invested over $8.7 million dollars to help the O'Neal Comprehensive Cancer Center at UAB receive sought-after and sustaining grant dollars from national funders. The funds have also been used in the development of new programs.

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  • Collaborative Research
In 2016, the BCRFA launched a new award funding innovative collaborative partnerships in the field of breast cancer. This two-year $50,000 annual grant is awarded annualy to primary investigators conducting collaborative research at the O'Neal Comprehensive Cancer Center at UAB and other research institues in the state of Alabama, focusing on breast cancer research. Check back for information on how to download the RFP for this year's award.
  •  Personalized Medicine
Founded in 2016, the Dolly Ashton O’Neal Triple Negative Breast Cancer Personalized Medicine Program at UAB is a collaboration between the O'Neal CCC at UAB, HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology and the Southern Research Institute, funded by the BCRFA. This program will support approximately 20 patients per year with personalized breast cancer treatment plans through genomic analysis and drug screens. This collaboration among agencies will also supply tumor cell samples for future research in Triple Negative Breast Cancer through the creation of a TNBC tumor cell repository at UAB.
  •  Breast Cancer Survivorship Clinic
In 2018, the BCRFA funded research projects at UAB's Breast Cancer Survivorship Clinic, a clinic that provides specialized follow-up care for breast cancer patients based on their individual health care needs. Survivorship care is provided by a nurse practitioner with expertise in breast cancer care and survivorship issues, and the program is carried out in collaboration with each patient’s primary treatment team. Initial research from this campaign will focus on two projects. The first is a study on the overall burden of serious and life-threatening chronic health conditions experienced by breast cancer survivors, the prevalence of this burden and the identification of vulnerable populations. The second study is on the determination of financial toxicity experienced by breast cancer survivors and the determinants of this financial toxicity.  

  • The O’Neal-Sokol Breast Cancer Research Foundation of Alabama Endowed Chair
Renowned UAB physician-scientist Dr. Andres Forero was the inaugural holder of the chair. This fully funded chair recognizes and rewards Dr. Forero’s tireless efforts to save lives. This chair will create a continuous revenue source for additional breast cancer research going forward. 
  •  $11.5 Million Dollar Grant Pilot funding that led to the receipt and renewal of the Breast Cancer SPORE Grant
(Specialized Program of Research Excellence)
  •  Microarray Facility
Helped create the O'Neal CCC at UAB Microarray Facility that can determine the genetic footprint of breast cancers
  •  BCRFA “Seed Money”
Funding provided by the BCRFA can have a multiplier effect of up to $16 for each dollar received by the UAB Cancer Center.
  •  $6.4 Million Dollar Grant Pre-clinical Lab Testing
Funds provided by the BCRFA for pre-clinical lab testing provided the findings needed to prepare for a $6.4 million Promise Grant from the Komen Foundation to change the prognosis and treatment of Triple Negative Breast Cancer
  •  Imaging Facility
Helped fund the In Vivo Imaging facility which supports Three Distinct Research Studies in breast cancer
  •  World-Class Scientists
Funds to recruit and retain world-class breast cancer researchers at the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center